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Full Steam Ahead! Get up to €60 in Steam Wallet Codes with GIGABYTE / AORUS Motherboards and AMD CPUs!




Eligible models and the respective wallet codes [All currencies are in Euros]

Eligible AM4 Gaming Motherboards




[If purchased at the same time with one of the above eligible motherboards from the same participating reseller

you can get more Steam Wallet Codes with your purchase of the following AMD Ryzen CPUs]




Participating resellers














If you are unable to register, please contact :

[Conditions of Participation]


  • First you need to join the AORUS Club to be able to submit your registration on
  • To participate in this activity, you need to buy an eligible motherboard or a system with an eligible motherboard in it from one of the participating resellers during the activity period.
  • Along with your eligible AM4 gaming motherboard, if you also purchase one of the aforementioned AMD Ryzen CPUs, you can claim additional Steam Wallet Codes. However, the purchase of an eligible motherboard and CPU need to be made at the same time from the same reseller in a single invoice.
  • You will need to submit your claim at the earliest 2 weeks after your purchase to be eligible.
  • This is a time-limited activity. This activity goes live on participating resellers and the AORUS website ( on March 22, 2021, but the eligible purchase period starts on March 8, 2021 and ends on May 7, 2021 (inclusive of both dates). In case the invoice, main proof of purchase, is not dated then we will accept the order confirmation as proof of purchase.
  • The deadline for registration to redeem your Steam Wallet Code is May 22, 2021. If you pass the deadline you will not be able to redeem your Steam Wallet Code.
  • The processing time of your submission may take up to 6 weeks, but usually you will get your Steam Wallet Code(s) much sooner than that.
  • This activity is limited to one motherboard or one motherboard and CPU purchase per person.
  • Participants bear the responsibility to make sure their submissions and all the attachments are uploaded correctly and provided to us accurately. We take no responsibility for incorrectly provided information and it may result in the rejection of the submission.
  • Participants will not be able to claim the Steam Wallet Code on purchases that have been cancelled or returned to the reseller. GIGABYTE reserves the right to claim back or charge participants cost of the Steam Wallet Code(s) and any other associated costs incurred. GIGABYTE also reserves the right to take further legal action against such participants that try to abuse this promotion.
  • Personal data including but not limited to e-mail address, name, postal address and other data necessary for participation in this activity may be collected and processed. We collect these data in accordance with our privacy policy. The data will only be used for the duration of this activity and will be deleted after the activity is concluded.
  • For purchases made in a system instead of a stand-alone purchase, please contact us with your proof of purchase (invoice) and we will process your claim.
  • Participating countries are Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
  • If you need any assistance concerning the promotion in general please contact: